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Koh Do Incense - Agar

Koh Do Incense - Agar

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Koh Do Agar - Contemplation and mindfulness
Also known as aloeswood, oud, jinkoh or kyara. For years, this wood lies dormant, buried in silent communion with the earth to create a mysterious and exquisite aroma. In the Japanese tradition, it is one of the woods used in the Koh Do ceremony, the ancient traditional art of incense appreciation, as evoked by the design of the box.

About the geishas
The design of the box is inspired by an ukiyo-e print by Chöki (1780-1809), it shows the geisha Mizue enjoying the scent emanating from the incense burner held by the waitress Moto. In Japan, the most prestigious geishas were not only required to have excellent appearance and manners, but also to be well versed in Cha-do tea ceremony, Ka-do flower arrangement, Koh-do incense ceremony, Haikai, Waka poetry, Sho-do calligraphy, Go and Sugoroku because they had to attend social and business meetings, and sometimes had to deal with aristocrats, Meishu (the highest ranking official in Japan), and literati. They actually possessed the highest level of culture that even the children of aristocratic families could not reach.

Koh-Do, the Way of Incense
Koh-Do, the Way of Incense, is the perfect collection to introduce you to the world of traditional Japanese incense. It includes a wide range of woody, floral, oriental, fresh or relaxing fragrances. Enjoy a little piece of Japan at home with this affordable format. The beautifully designed boxes are inspired by masterpieces of Japanese art.

Fragrance also available in a large box (ref. 26393).

Technical characteristics

  • Number of sticks: 20
  • Approximate duration: 30 min.
  • Fragrance: Agarwood
  • Description: Japanese incense with no bamboo core.
  • Made in: Japan

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