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Koh Do Incense - Haiku, Aloeswood

Koh Do Incense - Haiku, Aloeswood

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Koh Do Haiku Aloeswood - Reflection and retreat
This rare, exquisite and deep aroma of agarwood, also known as oud or jinkoh is ideal for meditation, introspection or writing.

About aloeswood scent
Aloeswood is an aromatic wood captured for eons in the bosom of nature, giving it a truly delightful fragrance. Kyara, the most prized type of aloeswood, has been extolled as “high in refinement and grace, like a noble in the court”. This, together with its sheer rarity, explains the immeasurably high value placed upon it. This incense with a rich content of Kyara has a refined, timeless fragrance. We hope you will long enjoy its refinement.

Koh-Do, the Way of Incense
Koh-Do, the Way of Incense, is the perfect collection to introduce you to the world of traditional Japanese incense. It includes a wide range of woody, floral, oriental, fresh or relaxing fragrances. Enjoy a little piece of Japan at home with this affordable format. The beautifully designed boxes are inspired by masterpieces of Japanese art.

Fragrance also available in a large box (ref. 123).

Technical characteristics

  • Number of sticks: 20
  • Approximate duration: 30 min.
  • Fragrance: Agarwood
  • Description: Japanese incense with no bamboo core.
  • Made in: Japan

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