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Labradorite Wrist Mala

Labradorite Wrist Mala

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Labradorite - Protection
This stone is named after the place where it was found, the Canadian province of Labrador. Native peoples called it fire stone and used it in powdered form to cure their ailments. According to an Inuit legend, a warrior saw an aurora borealis trapped in a rock. He struck it with his spear to release the lights, but some of them remained inside the rock, giving it iridescent reflections.

Labradorite is considered to be one of the most powerful protective stones, as it creates a shield that protects the aura. It also tempers the negativity within us, making it easier to heal the body and mind.

Prayer beads: “here and now my mind remains quiet”.
The word “mala” in Sanskrit means garland of roses and it was originated in India. From Buddhism and Hinduism, it passed to Islam and from Islam it was passed on to Christianity in times of the Crusades. The mala or rosary is used to count devotional words or mantras. The meditation with mantras consists of repeating words to generate specific vibrations. The mala is placed on one hand and a bead is taken. Each time the mantra is recited, we pass to the next bead. It is an effective way to stay in the present and appease the mind.

About malas and wrist malas
Full rosaries have 108 beads, as a symbol of the 108 human passions. Wrist-malas usually have 24 beads or any other number normally multiple of 3. Both can be worn as personal accessories or jewels: they will define your personality and spirit. According to all traditions, they have like a magical and protective aura.

Technical characteristics

  • Description: 30 beads of ± 6 mm. Labradorite. As a handcrafted product made from natural materials, it may present slight variations in shape, size or colour.
  • Made in: Thailand

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