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Latin Trio Chimes - Caribbean Salsa

Latin Trio Chimes - Caribbean Salsa


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This wind chime is tuned to the notes of a Cuban son, a style of song and dance that emerged in the rural areas of the east of the island in the 19th century and which is at the origin of other Latin rhythms such as mambo and salsa.

It was born from the fusion of African and indigenous instruments with the structure of Spanish music. It is accompanied by guitar, percussion instruments and a derivative of the guitar called tres. Key to the harmony and rhythm of son, the tres is also often heard in jazz and salsa.

Hang this wind chime on your terrace or in your garden and travel to the paradise island of Cuba, the largest in the Caribbean. Feel the warmth of the sun and enjoy one of the most lilting music in the world. The tubes carry a lifetime tuning guarantee.

Technical characteristics

  • Description: 74 cm overall length, 6 silver aluminium tubes, teak finish ash wood

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