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Itten Incense - Aloeswood, Long Sticks

Itten Incense - Aloeswood, Long Sticks

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Elegant fragrance of precious agarwood, also called aloeswood.

After maturing in the wild for a long time, Jinkoh fragrant wood nurtures a captivating scent. Its name can first be found in Japan's oldest book written in the 8th century. It is also said that warriors burned it in their armour in the 16th century. From ancient times to the present, it has been loved as a precious Japanese fragrance.

Itten, the sky spreads out as far as you can see. A time to look up at the sky and entrust yourself to the expanding world while being surrounded by fragrance. Your mind will wander around freely and you will feel a true moment of inner well-being.

Technical characteristics

  • Number of sticks: 30
  • Approximate duration: 60 min.
  • Fragrance: Agarwood
  • Description: Long lasting Japanese incense with no bamboo core.

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