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Zukoh Incense Powder

Zukoh Incense Powder

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Zukoh is an extremely thin and smooth high-quality incense powder. It's made of the same natural ingredients as Japanese incense: cinnamon, cassia, sandalwood, borneol, star anise, etc. Its scent is delicate and soothing.

An ancestral and mystical Japanese ceremony
Buddhist monks have been using zukoh for centuries in order to purify themselves before ceremonies and meditation. They place some powder in their hands and then sprinkle it delicately on their head, body and clothes.

How to use it?
Just rub zukoh on your hands, body or clothes as a purification incense. You can use it on any pulse point, behind your ears or on your wrists. It's like entering a smooth perfumed mist of quality incense. The aroma will get more intense during the day with your body heat.

Koh, the fine art of fragrance in Japan
Brought to Japan in the 6th Century by Buddhists monk who used incense in their purification rituals, the rich scents of koh became a source of entertainment in the noble Imperial Court 200 years later.
In the14th century, samurai warriors would perfume their helmets and armor with incense to achieve an aura of invincibility as they prepared to meet their foe and their fate.
During the15th and 16th century, the elegant art of incense appreciation spread to the upper classes of Japanese society.
Koh gradually evolved from the sophisticated elegance of the courtier and acquired the character of discipline, the way of Koh: Koh-Do.

Also available: containers for zukoh incense powder (ref. 919752 and 919754).

Technical characteristics

  • Fragrance: Woody
  • Description: 15 g. sachet
  • Made in: Japan

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