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Three Kings Resin

Three Kings Resin

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Incense and myrrh have been considered as precious treasures, and they have been used by men to venerate God, to purify places, and to heal body and mind. Let this rich, warm and sacred blend of resins inspire you. Close your eyes and make a wish to the Three Wise Men!

How to use it:
Light a charcoal, and place it in a high heat resistance incense burner containing ashes or sand. Drop small amounts of resins on the charcoal. You can burn this way pure resins or a blend of resins, herbs and oils. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Use with caution. Ventilate the room after use. Do not inhale the smoke directly.

Remember that smudging is an intention-based ritual. With a pure heart and noble aspiration, you will boost its effect.

Technical characteristics

  • Fragrance: Spicy
  • Description: 30 g and one charcoal

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