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Positive Energy Set - White Sage & Palo Santo

Positive Energy Set - White Sage & Palo Santo

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The Positive Energy Set contains all the key elements to purify your environment, body and mind, thanks to the power of smudging.

Native Americans performed smudging rituals to purify not only their physical and emotional bodies but also objects and places. This is a universal practise. It’s said to enhance mental clarity, peacefulness and joy.

Palo santo
Palo santo wood is used as an incense to purify and cleanse the environment. It comes from a South-American tree called Bursera Graveolens.
Light the stick and then shake it to extinguish the flame. Its lovely fragrance will fill the air with the resulting smoke. Our palo santo comes from fallen trees and fulfils the Peruvian regulations in force (the wood from Bursera graveolens tree is not on the CITES list).

California white sage
“Why should a man die whilst sage grows in his garden?” This sentence from a treatise of the Schola Medica Salerrnitana (XIIth-XIIIth century) tells us a lot about this medicinal plant.
Its name comes from the Latin salvare - to heal. It grows in the South-West of the United States, mainly in California, and the North-West of Mexico.
Most of its properties can be found in the leaves which absorb the energy of the sun to produce lots of essential oils. It gives off a pleasant and relaxing scent. Our white sage is grown naturally without fertilizers or pesticides.

Abalone shell
It’s a precious ritual object that is used as a bowl for smudging ceremonies. The inner part of the shell is covered with mother-of-pearl, hence its delicate iridescent reflections. It’s said to bring a feeling of protection, purity and balance.
Smudging with an abalone shell is like invoking the divine force of fire and the spirit of the ocean during an energetic cleansing.

How to use it
- Place a little bit of marble sand in the shell.
- Light the bundle or palo santo stick with a match on top of the shell. Let the leaves burn for a few seconds, and then blow the flame. Be careful, the leaves can easily be blown away.
- Purification of people: use the feather to guide the smoke towards the people who are participating in the ritual: guide it to the head, back, arms and legs of each person.
- Cleansing of places: go through each room with the shell and disperse the scented smoke with the feather following your intuition.
Remember that smudging is an intention-based ritual. With a pure heart and noble aspiration, you will boost its effect.

Ventilate the room after use. Do not inhale the smoke directly.

Technical characteristics

  • Fragrance: Assorted
  • Description: 21 x 16 x 5 cm. Includes 1 abalone shell and poplar wood tripod, palo santo, 1 white sage smudge bundle, turkey feather, sachet of marble sand, matches.

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