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Okiagari Roly-poly Doll - Kintaro the Golden Boy

Okiagari Roly-poly Doll - Kintaro the Golden Boy

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Kintaro the Golden Boy
Kintaro is a character from Japanese folklore, known for his great strength. Once upon a time, there was a healthy chubby boy, bursting with energy. He only wore a bib with the Chinese ideogram for gold. He lived with his mother in the woods of Mount Kintoki, where he could play all day long with his animal friends. He always carried his axe with him, and he was able to uproot trees and split stones by himself. As an adult, he learnt martial arts and became a recognised and respected leader. There is a shrine close to Tokyo dedicated to Kintaro: people like to visit the huge rock split in two, which the Golden Boy is said to have broken.

A Japanese Tradition
Okiagari-koboshi means “little monk who stands up”. These traditional Japanese roly-poly dolls are made from papier-mâché. They are designed to always return to an upright position, even if you try to tip them onto their side. Okiagaris were actually mentioned in 14th-century writings.

Okiagaris symbolise perseverance and determination in times of adversity. They are a reminder of the old Japanese proverb “Fall seven times, stand up eight”. According to tradition, a doll is given to each person in the family plus one, in the hope that a baby will be born during the year. During the Tokaichi or Tenth Day Market, customers drop a few dolls at a time, and the ones that remain standing are said to bring good fortune.

Technical characteristics

  • Description: 4,8 cm, with crepe paper and washi paper
  • Made in: Japan

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