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Shippoh Incense Burner - 7 Treasures

Shippoh Incense Burner - 7 Treasures

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Also called the seven treasures in reference to the seven treasures of Buddhism, the Shippoh Japanese design was very popular during the Edo period (1603-1868). The superposition of circles allows to get a simple and elegant motif that can be found in many different cultures. Depending on the way you look at it, you can see a juxtaposition of flowers or four-pointed stars. Shippoh symbolises harmony and good relationships.

Add a zen touch to your decoration with this lovely and versatile burner. You can use it to burn Japanese incense by placing one or various sticks in the marble sand. It will also be useful as a base when doing smudging rituals of plant or palo santo bundles. If the marble sand gets dirty, you can clean it soaking in water and then filtering it with a fine mesh strainer.

Technical characteristics

  • Description: Ceramic, Ø10 x 4 cm. Includes a sachet of marble sand, ready for use!
  • Made in: Japan

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