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Crystal Fantasy Suncatcher - Vesica Piscis, Large

Crystal Fantasy Suncatcher - Vesica Piscis, Large

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Vesica piscis is the unmistakable figure of sacred geometry that contains both the divine unit of the circle and the first division, which means the beginning of creation. The Egyptian god Thot is said to be the one who revealed the numbers to mankind. He also taught men that something can be created out of nothing: the dot. By dividing the dot into two, we get another dot and also the first distance or first measurement unit. The two dots can be used as centers to draw two circles the radius of which is the exact distance between them. That is the way vesica piscis is created, literally 'bladder of a fish' or mandorla in Italian.

The vesica piscis of this fantasy is inspired by the cover of the Chalice Well or Red Spring situated in Glastonbury, in the southwest of England. It is a famous place for pilgrims in search of the sacred feminity. The high iron content in the water is said to have healing properties.

Rainbow makers
Crystals are said to activate and balance qi natural energy in order to get harmony, happiness and prosperity in the house. Hang them close to a window and whenever the sun shines, crystals will reflect plenty of rainbows on the walls. This crystal fantasy incorporates quality crystals; it is finished with a brilliant clear crystal pendant for maximum rainbow making effects.

Technical characteristics

  • Description: Embellished with quality Austrian crystal, metal chain and 5 cm mirror-finish metal motif. Almond pendant 5 cm. Overall lenght 27 cm. Supplied with an organza bag and a suction cup.
  • Made in: the UK

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