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Koh Do Ceremony Full Tool Set - Oie Style

Koh Do Ceremony Full Tool Set - Oie Style

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Koh Do, the incense ceremony
Koh Do, literally the way of incense, also called the art of incense, is a ceremony in which participants develop their sensibility by smelling aromatic woods. It is an aesthetic and spiritual experience, a stroll of the soul in a world of elegant simplicity, following the spirit of Zen. 
In a quiet room, participants smell these fragrances according to specific rules. Away from the bustle of daily life, the mind becomes peaceful and focusses inwards. That is why the mastery of Koh Do allows each person to elevate her spirit and to get to her own sacred space, as it happens with the floral art of Ikebana, the tea ceremony or any martial art. 
Fragrant woods refers to kyara (also called agarwood or jinkoh) and to byakudan (the world-known sandalwood). During the ceremony, the small pieces of wood that are used are not burnt, they are just heated in order to give off their perfume. Each one is unique and has a specific fragrance that delights the senses. 
... the moon suddenly shone through the clouds and the rain stopped. A gentle breeze blowed and spread the amazing scent of flowers. All around the palace, this smell got mixed up with the delicate fragrance of incense, creating a magical atmosphere...
From The Tale of Genji written by Murasaki Shikibu (XIth century)

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  • Description: Metal chopsticks, incense spoon, tweezers for mica plates, answer sheet holder, incense chopsticks, feather broom and ash press
  • Made in: Japan

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