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Ritual Gift Set - Sage & Japanese Incense

Ritual Gift Set - Sage & Japanese Incense

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Find in this complete and ready-to-use kit all the necessary elements to carry out your rituals at home. Alternate purification and well-being rituals as you wish.

Smudging with white sage
The Native Americans used it to purify objects, places and people: the aim was to heal the body and the spirit.
Our white sage is grown without fertilizers or pesticides. The plants are cut and not pulled out. Its exploitation is controlled by the USDA.

Wellness with Japanese incense
The harmonious fragrance of Tokusen Sakura Usuzumi incense is a rich blend of cherry blossom, sandalwood and cypress essential oil. It brings calm and serenity.
Made by Nippon Kodo, it is the result of ancestral know-how. As it has no bamboo core, it emits very little smoke: the 50 sticks of the roll will be as many moments of pleasure.

About the ceramic incense burner
Made in Japan, its colour and reflections make it a precious object. Filled with marble sand, you will use it either to place the sage bundle or to plant the Japanese incense sticks.

Ritual Gift Set, to take care of yourself, others and your environment.

Note : the white sage and Japanese incense are also sold separately (ref. Q011E and 98300).

Technical characteristics

  • Fragrance: Assorted
  • Description: Gift box: 29,2 x 13,2 x 4,2 cm. Ceramic burner: Ø 11 x H 3,4 cm. White sage bundle: 8-10 cm. Tokusen Sakura Usuzumi Japanese incense: around 50 sticks. Marble sand and matches. Box wrapped with 100% recyclable plastic.

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