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Chakra Chime - Seven Stones, Bronze

Chakra Chime - Seven Stones, Bronze


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The 7 Chakras
This chime includes 7 stones corresponding to the 7 energy centres in the human body. Located along the spine, the charkas - wheels in Sanskrit - are the energy centres that distribute vital energy throughout the human body. Each chakra, which is represented inside a lotus flower, has a unique function and healing power.

7º - Crown chakra - Violet - Spirituality and self-knowledge.
6º - Third eye chakra - Indigo - Intuition and clarity.
5º - Throat chakra - Blue - Expression and transcendence.
4º - Heart chakra - Green - Love and compassion.
3º - Solar plexus chakra - Yellow - Personal power and growth.
2º - Sacral chakra - Orange - Sensuality and emotions.
1º - Root chakra - Red - Identity and security.

Western scientists have recently discovered that the chakras correspond to 7 main nerve ganglia on the spinal column. When our chakras are open and activated, we are meant to live a balanced and fulfilled life.

The spiral shape of the wind catcher recalls the kundalini energy. Coiled quietly in the root chakra, it will go up and embrace cosmic energy as the human being evolves.

Enjoy the harmony and balance that radiates from the sounds and colours of the Chakra Chime - 7 Stones, available in silver or bronze finish.

Technical characteristics

  • Description: 44 cm overall length, 6 bronze aluminium rods, aluminium wind catcher, ash wood, stone accents

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