Where to place your wind chime

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art focused on harmonizing the energies of the house to make it more pleasant, cozy and healthy. Wind chimes are one of the most popular elements of this art. In this post we focus on the tuned Woodstock brand wind chimes and give you guidelines and tips to optimize the placement of a wind chime in your home.

What are wind chimes used for?

Woodstock wind chimes are in tune - each tube is a note, and any breeze will sound a melody. Music!

According to Feng Shui, wind chimes have two functions:

  • They cancel negative energies and environmental influences (that is why they are traditionally called scare-spirits).
  • They activate Chi energy, positive energy and therefore favour good luck. At its harmonic vibration no corner of the house, object, animal or person can escape.

Where to hang them?

They can be placed both indoors and outdoors, taking into account that:

  1. Inside the house, it is better to hang them in places where a draft makes them sound natural, for example, near a door or window. If there is no draft, you can always move the vane by hand to activate it. You can turn this gesture into a small conscious ritual that helps you remember a goal that you have set for yourself.
  2. On the terrace or in the garden, it is the wind where these tuned bells sound best. It is ideal to find a somewhat sheltered place for them to play softly. Make sure the chimes are designed to withstand the elements, as is the case with the Woodstock ones.

When you place a wind chime inside the house

If you have made the Bagua map of your house – it is a plan that divides the house into areas and is the basic element of work in Feng Shui - you will know that the metal element corresponds to the west and southwest zones. Metal wind chimes can also be used in the north: although the corresponding element is water, it is fully compatible.

  1. The western area, where the sun sets, is the area for children and creativity. Add a metal wind chime to encourage your children's creativity and to bring good luck into their life.
  2. The Northwest area: it is the area of service to the world and travel. You can pay attention to the symbols of the bell to favour certain types of movements in your life. Later we will mention this in more detail.
  3. The North zone is the zone of the professional career. According to Feng Shui, a windchime can help create professional opportunities and growth.

When you put it outside your house

The chime serves to neutralize annoying elements of the environment: roads, antennas and other houses that negatively influence yours.

A very important place is the front door of your house because it connects your inner world with the outside. It is the main source of Chi in your home and affects all aspects of your life professionally, socially, family, health, prosperity, etc. All opportunities enter through here. For this reason, a wind chime at the entrance can activate the general circulation of energy and lead to an overall improvement.

How to choose the wind chime that best suits you?

Apart from the material of the tubes, you can choose your windchime following these criteria:

  1. Number of tubes and colours: you can match them with the number of the area you want to work on according to the Bagua map to amplify its effect.
  2. - In the case of metal chimes, the sound quality is essential to bring harmony. When choosing, you can listen to the Woodstock ones on our website.
  3. The symbols and decorative elements that it may carry:
    • Infinite knot: symbolizes eternal love, lasting health, unlimited success and good fortune. It is the knot that has no beginning and no end and represents the infinite wisdom of Buddha.
    • The tree of life: symbol of the connection of heaven and earth, represents strength, beauty and reward.
    • Stones: we could write another post with the properties of all stones. As an example, we will only mention agates, which balance the physical, emotional and mental dimensions, favoring stability and enhancing roots.

Our favourite Woodstock chimes

They are made by professional musicians and everyone loves them. Both children and adults are fascinated by their musicality. They are a treat for the ear and, in addition, their tuning has a lifetime guarantee. That's why we've been recommending them for more than 25 years!

What are our three favourite chimes of the moment?

  • Paradise: available in various colours. The tubes are specially suspended to obtain a crystal-clear sound. Paradise is here and now.
  • Space Odyssey: Tuned to the first notes of Richard Strauss's symphonic poem "Thus Spoke Zarathustra", better known as the powerful musical opening to Stanley Kubrick's film "2001: A Space Odyssey." The design is a chime within a chime creating a unique double octave acoustic effect that enhances harmonics and exponentially increases the soundscape.
  • Jade: it is tuned using the golden number or divine proportion, which is found everywhere in nature.

Last tips to finish

  1. Do not place a wind chime on top of a bed, or the place where you work or relax.
  2. Do not hang your chime from a rope or chain because it would create instability and imbalance. Use a hook fixed to a branch, ceiling, or beam.
  3. Do not put a chime that you do not like, no matter how much it has been recommended or given to you. Your home is a sacred space and you have to love all the decorative elements so that there is harmony.

We hope this post has inspired you. Remember that each house is a particular case. Therefore, if you have doubts, we recommend that you consult a Feng Shui specialist. He will know how to propose the best solutions and you will surely find several wind chimes for you in our wide assortment. Enjoy the enchanting sound of the wind chime!

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