Tips and advice for well-being thanks to feng shui

The art of feng shui: a few tips

What is feng shui?

Before giving you tips on feng shui, you need to know its meaning and origin. In Chinese, the words feng and shui mean wind and water. They refer to an ancient poem that speaks of human life in connection with the surrounding nature. The practice of the traditional art of feng shui seeks harmony of people with their environment.

Incredible! Archaeological studies in Banpo in the Yellow River Valley reveal that it was already applied more than 6,000 years ago.

The rules enunciated by feng shui reflect the principles of nature and follow common sense. The main objective is to balance the invisible forces that link all the elements of the universe, including man.

The Bagua map: the foundation of feng shui

The Bagua map defines specific areas in the house and allows us to relate them to certain aspects of life. Each area is associated with specific characteristics: a color, a cardinal point, a number and shapes.

You can apply the Bagua map to your entire home, or also to a particular room such as the dining room. Our advice is not to try to work on all areas at once: it is better to choose between one and three areas and focus on them.

How to proceed?

  1. Tidy up and maintain order

    Order is very important: how can you lead an orderly life if you don't manage to keep order in your home? In other words, chaos in certain areas of your home may reflect chaos in certain areas of your life.

  2. Analyze the situation of the areas you have chosen.

    Once you have identified each area, compare its current situation with what the Bagua map recommends.

  3. Determine what changes would work for you to improve the areas you have chosen.

  4. Place decorative elements that will allow you to act on obstructed energies and/or activate good energy.

The Bagua map is part of a spiritual path because it helps you to become aware of possible blockages and invites you to set in motion to remove them, either with feng shui or with other techniques.

What decorative elements can you use?

The decoration and arrangement of furniture are a key piece in the search for feng shui in your home. Here are some tips to improve the feng shui of your home. With these elements, you will achieve the desired harmony to tune in with nature

  • Wind chimes and musical mobiles
    They are very popular to neutralize negative energies and enhance constructive energies. The Woodstock brand offers tuned models; it is as if the breeze is playing music: you can listen to them on our website to choose yours according to the color, the number of tubes, the shape or the symbols you need. If you want a smaller bell, there are the metal furin Iwachu available in 10 colors.
  • Hanging crystals
    Although they are not part of the traditional elements of feng shui, today they are widely used, especially to activate energy. With the sunlight, the rainbow appears, symbol of the connection with the divine. At Tierra Zen, we offer a wide variety of quality crystals such as protective angels, beautiful fantasies and amazing Feng Shui crystals.
  • Censers
  • Iwachu's cast iron censers are another interesting accessory. They will give an elegant touch to any corner of your home and you will be able to perfume it with the best Japanese incense.
  • Other objects
    Use your creativity to find the solution that best suits you: from a plant, a fish tank, an image to lights or stones. Remember that everything you add to your home has to please and excite you, otherwise it will have no effect or may even harm you.

Our tip for feng shui is to choose quality objects, because you are taking care of yourself and you deserve it. And trust: there is always a solution to what you are looking for.

The benefits of feng shui

When you have well worked the Bagua map of feng shui in your home, it materializes in your daily life in many ways:

  1. You feel good at home and love to stay there. When you come in, people tell you: they wouldn't know exactly why, but your home is full of harmony.
  2. You are at your center, anchored. You feel strong and balanced, ready to face the possible storms that may come your way.
  3. Your life is flowing, you solve problems in an easy and decisive way. You notice a general well-being.
  4. Depending on the areas you have worked, you will see how your relationships improve and you get what you need at all times.

Last tips about feng shui

Above all, don't get overwhelmed! The parameters to take into account are many and in this article, we only touch on a few. Don't strive for perfection, but use objects that have meaning for you. Consider feng shui as a source of inspiration to help you be better in your home and in your life. If you start by applying some of our feng shui tips, you will find that you will gradually get the hang of it.

From Tierra Zen, we hope that this post has clarified the general concepts of feng shui and that it has awakened in you the desire to investigate it. To apply it effectively, we recommend that you go to a specialist who will make a specific and optimized study of your case.

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