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Ka-fuh Incense - White Plum, 120 Sticks

Ka-fuh Incense - White Plum, 120 Sticks

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Ka-fuh White Plum captures the fragrance of white plum blossom, biding its time in the chill winds of winter until it senses the faint signs of spring. Then its petals will open fully and its fragrance will be full. We have transformed the translucency of this white plum blossom, flowering prettily in spring fields, into a delicate white floral incense, thus reproducing the pure fragrance of white plum. With faint wisps of smoke, the mild fragrance will linger long in the heart. In Japan, white plum flowers are considered a symbol of renewal, revival and eternity. Let the clear floral note of this white plum fragrance permeate the air to delight you. Love and affection.

Ka-fuh incense: enjoy natural fragrances and live a better life.
Ka (perfume) fuh (wind) means the scent of blossoms in the wind. It’s a collection of Japanese incense made by Nippon Kodo talented craftsmen with natural ingredients. Imagine the sunlight filtering through the branches and leaves of a cool forest after a rain shower, as the mild scent of blossoms wafts softly in the air. No bamboo core is used so you will enjoy the true fragrance of the flowers with almost no smoke.

Fragrance also available in boxes of 50 sticks (ref. 27434) and 20 sticks (ref. 2011), in short format (ref. 27512) and large boxes (ref. 27431).

Technical characteristics

  • Number of sticks: ±120
  • Approximate duration: 25 min.
  • Fragrance: Floral
  • Description: Smokeless incense
  • Made in: Japan

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