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Ume Komon Incense

Ume Komon Incense

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Ume Komon, exceptional quality sandalwood incense
Decorated with plum blossom, Ume Komon incense gives off a rich and captivating sandalwood fragrance. Combining freshness and tenderness, it evokes the delicacy of Japanese flowers.

Made of paulonia wood, the box preserves the sticks from humidity. Its sophisticated design was inspired by traditional ceramic patterns from Arita, the cradle of Japanese porcelain and Imari style. There, in the 260 year-old kiln called Genemon, talented craftsmen keep old traditions alive. When we hold in our hands pieces made in this kiln, we feel a pleasure that only the most beautiful objects can transmit. The lovely plum blossom, ume in Japanese, will bring a touch of sweetness and poetry to your home.

Technical characteristics

  • Number of sticks: 45
  • Approximate duration: 12 min.
  • Fragrance: Sandalwood
  • Description: Japanese incense with no bamboo core. Includes a ceramic incense holder
  • Made in: Japan

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