Who are we?

Since 1989, Tierra Zen has been distributing products from spiritual traditions around the world in Europe and beyond. From Zen meditation to Tibetan Buddhism, or the sage and palo santo of Native Americans, we distribute quality and meaningful products that reflect the diversity of the spiritual quest. We share beauty, culture, and spirituality.

In addition, we feel comfortable connecting with people from all over the world. We are internationalists, humanists, and believe in understanding people and cultures. The path of each human being is unique, and we all aspire to the same thing: to achieve happiness and inner peace.

 We hope that you are as moved as we are when burning our incense, listening to our chimes, or seeing the rainbows of our crystals. We are grateful to share this wealth with you.

Since 2022, Tierra Zen has been part of the Japanese group Nippon Kodo, our historical partner, who has been making extraordinary incense since 1575.

Our Values

We are a people-oriented company and we like to maintain a close personal relationship with all our collaborators. We seek, as far as possible, stable and long-lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and the people who work at Tierra Zen.

Furthermore, as we want to contribute to the well-being of the society in which we live, we have worked with social integration workshops (Grainart, Taller Tocs) since the beginning of the company.

 We are committed to creating a more sustainable world: our offices have been built in an old renovated farmhouse from which we can see the mountains and clouds; we are surrounded by orange trees that we care for using organic farming methods; we compost, we save water... because we know that every little action is important.

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  • Tarjeta visita Ángel Chamorro Blasco

    Establishment of ACB (Angel Chamorro Blasco) as a one person import - export business in a 3m22 office.

  • Estante de ACB en la feria Biocultura

    ACB starts taking part in Biocultura trade shows.

  • Primera oficina de ACB

    ACB moves its offi ce to new Angel’s house, Capuchinos.

  • Visita de Mr. Tomita a ACB.

    Mr. Tomita visits ACB.

  • Primera tarjeta de visita de Tierra Zen

    ACB becomes a private limited company (SL) and the name “Tierra Zen” borns.

    Primera visita de Ángel a Japón

    Angel travels to Japan for the first time.

    Estante Tierra Zen en feria Interfift

    Tierra Zen starts taking part in Intergift trade shows.

  • Oficina de Tierra Zen fuera de casa de Ángel

    First office and small warehouse outside the home.

  • Antigua granja adquirida por Tierra Zen

    Tierra Zen purchases an old farm in Canivell to restore it and to finally set up its office and warehouse.

  • Oficina de Tierra Zen en antigua granja de Canivell totalmente reformada

    Tierra Zen office and warehouse in Canivell are officially opened.

    Tierra Zen con equipo Pierre-Yves

    Tierra Zen starts selling in France and starts its cooperation with Pierre-Yves.

    Fiesta de cumpleaños en Tierra Zen

    All along these years, Tierra Zen team celebrates parties, birthdays or traditions. People is comfortable and happy in this business.

  • Nuevo logotipo de Tierra Zen con color

    Tierra Zen redesigns its branding to a more modern one. For the first time, it has some colour on it: red.

  • Comida del equipo de Nippon Kodo con el equipo de Tierra Zen

    Nippon Kodo visits Paris trade show to support Tierra Zen.

  • Nuevo almacén de Tierra Zen

    The business is growing up and more space is needed to store the products. A 1.700m2 warehouse is purchased in Campredó, a 10-minute drive from Canivell. The production and warehouse teams move there..

  • Mr. Konaka con equipo de Tierra Zen

    Nippon Kodo Holdings purchases Tierra Zen and Mr. Konaka visits our facilities.