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Ocean Jasper Naga Bracelet

Ocean Jasper Naga Bracelet

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Ocean jasper - Self-esteem
Ocean jasper is a soft and gentle stone that combines the energies of both water and volcanic rock. It is said to encourage self-love, happiness and joy. It reminds us that we are our own priority and that it is good to slow down and take care of ourselves.

Naga, water deity
The naga bracelet collection is inspired by the the mythical serpent that originated in Hinduism. Naga-raja are aquatic divinities who rule over springs, rivers, lakes and seas, although they can also live on land, in the air or underground. Nagas are symbols of wisdom, immortality and rebirth in both esotericism and alchemy. The name naga is also applied to wise people and initiates.

Naga, guardian of the sacred
A naga is said to live coiled on top of Mount Meru, a sacred mountain considered the centre of the universe in various traditions. According to Buddhist cosmogony, the nagas are protectors of the Buddha and the Dharma, his teaching. The king of the nagas, called Mucalinda, protected the Buddha from a heavy rain while he was meditating. In Thailand the nagas are omnipresent in the decoration of Theravada Buddhist temples, especially on the balustrades of the stairways symbolising a bridge between the earthly world and the heavenly world, reminding us that we are entering a sacred space.

Technical characteristics

  • Description: Overall length: 54 cm. Beads of ± 4 mm. Ocean jasper.
  • Made in: Thailand

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