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Okiagari Roly-poly Doll - Grandfather Sofu

Okiagari Roly-poly Doll - Grandfather Sofu

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Grandpa Sofu and Granma Sobo
These characters are very popular in Japan, where old age is synonymous with experience, wisdom and kindness. Grandparents, known together as Sofubo, inspire a deep sense of respect and gratitude. There is even a public holiday dedicated to them: the third Monday in September. Like the Japanese, let's say thank you to those who spoil us and take care of us!

Okiagari-koboshi means little monk who stands up. It is a traditional Japanese roly-poly doll made with papier-mâché. It is designed in such a way that it always returns to the vertical position, even if you try to tip it to one side. Okiagaris have been a part of Japanese children's toys for a long time. They were already mentioned in writings of the fourteenth century. During the Tokaichi or Tenth Day Market, customers drop a few dolls at a time and the ones that remain standing are said to bring good fortune.

Okiagaris symbolize perseverance and resistance in times of adversity. They remind this old Japanese proverb: Fall seven times, stand up eight According to tradition, a doll is given to each person in the family plus one, in the hope that a baby will be born during the year.

Technical characteristics

  • Description: 4,8 cm, with crepe paper and washi paper
  • Made in: Japan

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