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Nerikoh Incense - Hatsune

Nerikoh Incense - Hatsune

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Nerikoh is the incense mentioned in The Tale of Genji (11th century) that has transcended the centuries to the present day.

About its preparation
The blend of this scented composition is called Takimono. It may include between five and ten varieties of fragrant woods and other Chinese herbs. The carefully selected ingredients are hand-ground to preserve their full aroma. They are then kneaded with honey, plum pulp, or herb juice to achieve the right moisture level. The resulting paste is placed in a tightly sealed jar buried in the ground for at least three years. The magic of time takes effect, the preparation naturally ages and it can be used to create Nerikoh beads. Even today, the recipes and precise techniques of this ancient art are kept in the strictest confidence.

How to use it
As done during the incense ceremony, the Nerikoh bead can be placed on a mica plate heated by a Japanese charcoal. It can also be set on ashes next to a lit charcoal or above it if buried. With heat, the bead releases its gentle therapeutic fragrance, perfuming the atmosphere. The scent of Nerikoh depends on various factors such as the season, the sun exposure of aromatic woods, the air humidity during production... That's why each bead emits a unique fragrance. Caution: Nerikoh should not be directly burned.

Historically, in Japan...
Aristocrats used Takimono not only to scent a space (Soradakimono) but also to perfume clothing and personal accessories such as fans. This fragrance then reflected the personality of the wearer. Nerikoh beads, on the other hand, were used during tea ceremonies from November to spring.

Technical characteristics

  • Fragrance: Perfumy
  • Description: 30g. Agarwood, sandalwood and cherry blossom.
  • Made in: Japan

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