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Feng Shui Crystal - Blue Lotus

Feng Shui Crystal - Blue Lotus

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Blue Lotus - Beauty and wisdom
The history of the blue lotus flower goes back to Ancient Egypt more than three thousand years ago, where it was cultivated for its beauty and the intoxicating effects it had on those who consumed it. In Tibetan Buddhism it is associated with wisdom and knowledge. In an allegorical way, the muddy water in which the lotus grows symbolises attachment and carnal desires, and the beautiful flower that grows there represents the promise of salvation.

According to the ancient art of Feng Shui, crystals attract natural positive energy, harmony and prosperity. The faceted crystal spheres have two main functions: to raise the energy of a place or to balance it. They are placed near a window in the area of the house that needs it according to the Bagua Map. When the sun hits them, they will cast multiple rainbows around.

The Feng Shui crystals are embellished with quality Austrian crystal. The cheerful colours of the metal silhouette feature transparencies reminiscent of stained glass windows in cathedrals. These wonderful rainbow makers will fill your space with light, coulours and joy.

Technical characteristics

  • Description: Embellished with quality Austrian crystals. Overall lenght 21,5 cm. Sphere 3 cm Ø. Stained glass effect resin and gold coloured metal. Metal chain. Supplied in a giftbox with a suction cup.
  • Made in: the UK

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