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Wind Fantasy Chime - Tree of Life

Wind Fantasy Chime - Tree of Life


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This delightful chime is tuned to a traditional Balinese scale, from the ensemble of instruments of the Indonesian gamelan orchestra. This chime features a tree of life charm. As a universal archetype, the tree of life symbolises the connection between heaven and earth. It's the union between different dimensions: underground roots, an aerial trunk and a crown of heaven. It's a metaphoric representation of human life: from a tiny seed with an endless potential grows a beautiful and powerful being. In Judaism, the seven-branch lampstand, called menorah, represents a tree of life and is a symbol of regeneration.

This chime is a reminder of our holy nature, making it an excellent gift for any occasion. It carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.

Technical characteristics

  • Description: 61 cm overall length, 5 silver aluminium tubes, green wash finish ash wood, nickel-plated brass ornament

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