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Salvamanteles Iwachu Arare

Arare Iwachu Teapot Trivet

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Quality and tradition
This cast iron trivet has been manufactured in Morioka - Japan by the Iwachu family company. It is an elegant and practical accessory for your Japanese teapot.

Design inspired by nature
The surface of the trivet is decorated with the classical Arare pattern. Delicate, it evokes hail, Arare in Japanese, that may accompany the change of season between winter and spring.

Each Iwachu trivet is made following a handcrafted process:
- The mould is prepared.
- Molten iron is poured into the mould.
- Once cooled, the mould is broken to release the trivet.
- The edges are filed.
- The surface is painted.
- Once dry, it is packaged carefully.
For more than 100 years, Iwachu has been manufacturing beautiful cast iron objects. When you buy your teapot or its accessory, make sure it has the ‘Made in Japan’ logo engraved as a guarantee of quality.

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Technical specifications: 
Cast iron, ø13,5 cm x 1,5 cm