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Campana de Viento Sanación - Bronce

Campana de Viento Sanación - Bronce

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The tuning used for the Healing windchime is called the Natural Harmonic Overtone Series. It's an ancient tuning you cannot hear on any modern instrument. A soothing and harmonious melody is obtained and it seems like there are more tones than the number of tubes, such as the low bass notes created in your ear. 

The endless knot on the wind catcher represents endless wisdom, long-life health and good fortune. It is also the knot with no beginning and no end, which symbolises the interconnection of all beings with time and change.  

The wave shape of the clapper and the pure sound of the Healing Chime will transport you for sure. It's magic to your eyes and ears. 

This wind chime is available in silver or bronze finish. It carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.

Listen to its sound: 
Technical specifications: 
85 cm overall lenght, 9 bronze aluminium tubes, black and teak finish ash wood, silkcreened windcatcher