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Om Black 150 x 87 cm

Om Painting

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This original work of art is perfect to decorate your zen space, your yoga and meditation room or your massage area.

The sacred syllable Om ૐ is the symbol of the unity with the divine, the union between physical and spiritual realms, the sound out of which come all the other sounds. Reciting the mantra Om is said to purify us physically, mentally and emotionally. It's meant to activate the pineal gland, the one that secretes melatonin, also known as the time-keeping hormone. The Om symbol help order the space around us, it enhances spiritual connection and it gives us protection.

This painting is a unique artwork and its final aspect may be different from the one on the picture.

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150 x 88 cm, acrylic painting on 100% cotton fabric, handcrafted, includes 2 bamboo canes and a rope, ready to hang!