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Tendan Viejo Templo Meiko

Tendan Old Temple Meiko

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Tendan Meiko – Old temple sandalwood and spices

"Memories and emotions overflow me as I climb the stairs of the old temple. The atmosphere, serene and calm, floods it with quiet dignity. Nature and time are a constant source of inspiration. Following the rhythmic flow of the seasons as they sculpt trees, cover stones in moss, and fill meadows with flowers. Mankind is permanently enveloped in a multitude of sensations that cannot be described with mere words."

The precious aroma of this incense reflects the timeless atmosphere of an old temple bringing with it a sense of eternity. Made with carefully selected sandalwood, cinnamon, benzoin and spikenard, the aroma of Meiko Tendan gives a sense of comforting peace.

Since 1575 Nippon Kodo manufactures incense with superior quality raw materials, combining its treasured artisan tradition with the most updated technology. This large box is ideal if you burn incense regularly. Its lovely design also makes it an original fragrant gift!

Note: the number of sticks is approximate and may vary depending on the batch.

Made in: 
Number of sticks: 
≈ 290
25 min.
Sandalwood and species
Características técnicas: 
Net weight: 120g. Japanese incense with no bamboo core.