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Crystal Spiral Suncatcher - 7 Chakras, Pendulum

Crystal Spiral Suncatcher - 7 Chakras, Pendulum

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Rainbow makers
The Chakra Crystal Spiral allows to activate and balance qi natural energy in order to get harmony, happiness and prosperity in the house. Hang it close to a window and whenever the sun shines, crystals will reflect plenty of rainbows on the walls of your room. 

The word 'chakra' means Wheel in Sanskrit. The seven chakras represent energy centers which role is to condense, distribute and transform vital energy in the human body. Each coloured crystal corresponds to one of the 7 chakras and to one precise aspect of the human being: 
7º - Violet - Crown - Spirituality
6º - Indigo - Third eye - Perception
5º - Blue - Throat - Expression
4º - Green - Heart - Love
3º - Yellow - Solar plexus - Power
2º - Orange - Sacral - Sexuality and emotions
1º - Red - Root - Physical needs

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Technical specifications: 
Embellished with quality Austrian crystal. One 5 cm pendulum, twelve 8 mm octagons and seven beads. Stainless steel wire and silicon cord. Overall length 44 cm. Supplied with an organza bag and a suction cup.