It has nothing to do with the orange-colored fossilized resin of the same name. The amber used in perfumery comes from a species of whale, the sperm whale. Sperm whales have a highly developed respiratory system that allows them to dive into the deep sea in search of giant squid, which they swallow whole. These squids have a parrot-like beak and, in order not to damage their digestive system, sperm whales secrete a substance that envelops it during digestion and then expels it through the mouth. This substance is ambergris.
It is not known when it started to be used but the first news we have come from the Middle East in the 6th century. It is also mentioned by Marco Polo. The Arabs used it mixed with coffee and to flavor refreshing drinks.
In the 16th century there was an empress in China who loved amber. At that time the Chinese began to use it but did not know where it came from. At that time the Portuguese had arrived in China to evangelize and trade. They proposed to the emperor to reveal the secret of the origin of amber if they were allowed to settle in Macao. And so it was that the Portuguese obtained rights over this port.
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