What are the Chakras and how they work

Surely during the course of your life and training in the Eastern and Zen world, you will have heard many times about the 7 chakras and their vital importance. The chakras are the energetic centers of the body, through which the life force flows. It is essential that they are in perfect balance, only then we can feel good and comfortable with our body, mind and environment as well as being in tune with the Universe. Taking care of our chakras is extremely important for our life.

There are a total of 7 chakras, and all of them are located in a specific region of our body. In addition, each one is linked to some vital aspect. They are related to a color and there is a specific mantra that can help activate it. Starting from the base of the spine and going up to the crown of the head, we have:

  • Muladhara root chakra, which is the grounding wire and is located at the base of the spine.
  • Sacral chakra Svadhisthana, linked to sexuality and located in the lower abdomen.
  • Solar plexus chakra Manipura, responsible for the mental body is located above the navel.
  • Heart chakra Anahata, is associated with love for others and is located in the center of the chest.
  • Throat chakra Vishuddha, which has to do with the fulfillment of goals and is located in the throat.
  • Third eye chakra Ajna, which connects us with the world of thought and is located between the eyebrows.
  • Crown Chakra Sahasrara, is related to the spiritual and knowledge and is located in the crown of the head.

When any of these energy centers is blocked we lose our inner balance, so it is of utmost importance to do exercises to let the energy flow through them and find wellness.

Muladhara root chakra

It is also known as First Chakra, located at the base of the spine. It is related to the color red and has to do with the material and that which roots us to a place, our cable with the earth. If we have the Muladhara root chakra blocked, many times we can feel like we are not at home, we are not comfortable, healthy, or low energy. This is why it is crucial to have it unblocked so that the energy can flow.

As it is related to the earthly, there are many physical exercises that can help to activate it, activities as simple as running, dancing, walking barefoot or doing aerobic and pelvic floor yoga exercises can help to open this chakra. Emotionally, we can also unblock it, with activities that boost your self-confidence, using the LAM mantra to balance the Muladhara chakra. Scents such as patchouli can help us connect with the earth and feel more active.

Sacral Svadhisthana Chakra

The Sacral Svadhisthana Chakra is the next chakra we find in our body if we go up from the root chakra, just below the navel, in the lower abdomen. Its location is related to what it represents, the full and free sexual life, free of all guilt. In case it is blocked, we may feel a fear of enjoyment or contempt for sex. It is common to repress oneself or not to feel sexually fulfilled.

Even so, as with the other chakras, there are physical and emotional exercises that can help to activate the energy of this chakra. Physically, it can help to do exercises that require moving or rotating the hips, such as dancing. Resorting to swimming, baths, jacuzzis... is also a good idea. The most important thing is to work on an emotional level, you must reconcile with your emotions and not repress them, express how you feel. It can help you to pronounce out loud the mantra VAM. A smell you can resort to is pink pepper, it helps you to eliminate the prejudices about your own body.

Solar Chakra Manipura

This is the third chakra, located in the stomach, in the solar plexus. It is related to self-confidence and the mental body in general. If we have closed Solar Chakra Manipura, diseases of the digestive system and chronic fatigue may appear, but also on an emotional level it means having a sense of insecurity, inferiority, lack of confidence. So, if you feel this lack of confidence with yourself or you are not emotionally satisfied, it is likely to be blocked.

A physical exercise that helps to reactivate the solar plexus is running, but it is also very useful to release tensions, hitting a pillow or the bed to let go of anger can go very well. Emotionally, changing habits and re-establishing routines will be useful to activate this energy center. To awaken it, the right mantra is RAM.

Anahata Heart Chakra

This is the fourth chakra, related to the green color and located in the central area of the chest, that is, the heart. To have it active means to be able to relate in a healthy way with other people, to accept oneself, to be happy for others? Everything that is related to the feeling of love towards oneself and towards other people. If you currently feel that all of the above are emotions and sensations that you find difficult to have or manage, it is possible that the reason is in this chakra.

To activate this chakra, taking into account where it is located, the most important exercise is breathing, it is the activity and the key point to keep this energy point active. Start with a deep breath through the nose that fills you and then exhale slowly. Reciting the IAM mantra can help greatly to activate it. Other small actions can also help; an example would be to help someone on a daily basis. As for the scent, pine scent will be ideal for opening it.

Vishuddha throat chakra

This chakra related to the color blue, represents the role within society, its energy is associated with setting goals and meeting goals. When blocked, it can cause communication problems: fear of public speaking, but also more literally with sore throat and voice problems. If you can't express yourself easily, find it hard to take risks and challenges... you may have this fifth chakra blocked.

There are many different exercises you can do to unblock it and re-activate this energy that prevents you from communicating. The best exercises to do are singing and vocalizing. Another more radical version is to scream at the top of your lungs until you have nothing left to release. Physically, you can do neck rotations but it will help to pronounce the mantra of the Vishuddha chakra, HAM.

Third eye chakra Ajna

This sixth chakra is located on the forehead between the eyebrows and connects us to the world of thought. It allows us to visualize and understand mental concepts and contributes to the generation of ideas. The explanation for this is that it is intimately linked to the pineal gland which when activated allows us to connect beyond physical existence. When it is blocked, you may feel mental confusion, or lack of clarity. If you feel unable to create ideas or visualize goals, you may have a blocked third eye Ajna chakra.

The best way to unblock the sixth chakra is with a simple, gentle massage of the area. With your fingertips, massage in a circular motion over the closed eyelids, temples and around the eyes. Try doing it with lemon essential oil, it is perfect to activate the chakra! Emotionally, doing a guided meditation can also be a good way to let the energy flow. The color navy blue is the color associated with it.

Crown Sahasrara Chakra

This is the last of the chakras, the Crown Sahasrara. It is located in the crown of the head, in the highest part of the head. It is related to everything spiritual and knowledge. If you have it blocked you may have ego problems, such as arrogance, need to dominate everything or you may not know how to make decisions autonomously. Being connected with spirituality, if the energy does not flow properly through this chakra you may have difficulties to believe and have mental narrowness. If you feel that it is difficult for you to learn, to be honest, to find a purpose... it is possible that you have this chakra blocked.

The exercises to activate it are related to spirituality, practicing yoga will be the best physical exercise, it will connect us with transcendence. At the same time, meditating with the help of OM or another discipline will be the best.

This has been a brief introduction to the chakras which, as you can see, have a very important role in our well-being. It is of utmost importance to have them in balance as it will help us to feel in harmony. On our website you can find elements that can help you to achieve this meditation space that we have mentioned. Burning the 7 Chakras White Sage can help you to achieve this space of peace. We hope this post has encouraged you to get to know yourself and other wonderful aspects of Zen life.

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