What are our incenses for?

We tell you the rituals and properties

Incense is for many a fundamental element in the home. We burn them to relax, meditate, aromatize, cleanse energies, do yoga...

A Zen monk of the 16th century compiled the 10 virtues of incense and summarized them as follows:

  1. Brings communication with the transcendent.
  2. Refreshes the mind and body.
  3. Removes impurity.
  4. Keeps one alert.
  5. Provides companionship in solitude.
  6. In the mindst of busy times. It offers a moment of peace.
  7. When it is pentiful. One never tires of it.
  8. When there is little, still one is satisfied.
  9. Afe dos not chance its efficacy.
  10. Used everyday, it does not harm.

Each variety has different virtues that will help you for one thing or another. In addition, each aroma can generate a different sensation and it is good to know which one to choose the one that we most want. In this post we are going to talk about Japanese incense, specifically about 3 collections that you can find on our website: Koh-do, Morning Star and Koh roll incense. However, we have many more varieties available in Tierra Zen.

Ko-Do Incense

These incense sticks, ideal for beginners in the world of Japanese incense, are made in Japan with a very high quality. You will recognize them because the design of their cardboard boxes is based on famous Japanese works of art. You can find available 24 different types of Koh-Do, all of them unique and special.

Haiku: Rare, exquisite and serene aroma of agarwood (or aloe or jinkoh). It is ideal for meditation, introspection, reflection, recollection, writing...

Zen: Slightly spicy agarwood fragrance. The aroma is deep, generates serenity, recollection and awareness. Very suitable for meditation as it evokes introspection and stillness.

Aqua: This smokeless incense has a floral note of cyclamen that refreshes the atmosphere like a summer breeze and leaves a purified space.

Shiraume: It is a smokeless incense fully floral; in fact it is of white plum, it gives a warm and romantic touch of love and affection. In Japan it represents regeneration, eternity and rebirth.

Rose: It is an incense to combat any sadness and ideal for any encounter. It gives off a deep and sensual aroma that evokes joy and friendship.

Byakudan: When burned, it releases the fragrance of white sandalwood, which has the virtue of relaxing the body and calming the mind. It transmits calmness and is conducive to rest. For this reason it can be useful for meditation or to facilitate sleep.

Samurai: Its fully Japanese aroma of spicy sandalwood brings harmony and balance.

Rosewood: It will bring a cordial and cheerful woody aroma that will give your home the right touch of elegance, cleanliness and comfort.

Sakura: Sakura is the name of the cherry blossom in spring and symbolizes regeneration. It gives us a very popular scent. This smokeless incense is ideal to share moments with your loved ones and to welcome your guests.

Cinnamon: Rich and warm aroma of cinnamon and star anise that uplifts the spirit. Turn it on when you need an extra boost of inspiration and creativity.

Moss: Mossy scent brings moisture and freshness to the air with a hint of citrus, ideal for moments when you need inspiration or retreat.

Autumn: Exotic and provocative aroma of sandalwood and Chinese herbs, evoking clairvoyance and communication.

Sandalwood: Insinuating and powerful scent of sandalwood that relaxes the body and calms the mind. It is related to awakening and consciousness.

Fresh Sandalwood: Based on sandalwood and pine resins, this incense brings a relaxing and calm sensation of freshness that will bring you serenity.

Iris: This smokeless incense brings a woody and sweet aroma that has always been associated with love. It is ideal to light in the evening, as it brings relaxation and comfort.

Jinkoh: Woody-scented incense with a vibrant and stimulating note of sweet and sour fruit and spices such as cinnamon, clove and vanilla. It will bring you energy and optimism, so don't hesitate to light it at a work or business meeting.

Fortuna: A smokeless incense that will bring you a soft and velvety floral fragrance of bergamot, geranium and moss with an oriental note. Light at dawn to attract prosperity and vitality.

Hinoki: Light this smokeless incense to endow your space with a fresh, dry, invigorating scent of cypress with a hint of frankincense. This will clarify your mind for greater concentration and decisiveness.

Genji: This incense has a floral aroma of narcissus mixed with musk that will provide a perfect atmosphere for passion and sensuality.

Lotus: As its name suggests, this incense will bring you a refreshing, aquatic and fully floral lotus scent. Light it to promote freshness and well-being.

Kyoto: Sophisticated and deep velvety aroma based on sandalwood and herbs. It brings a feeling of well-being and warmth.

Dojo: An incense that has a perfect blend of rose, jasmine and lily along with sandalwood and cypress that encourages contemplation and effort.

Lavender: The deep lavender aroma of this incense helps to start the day with renewed energy, conveying a sense of calm and restfulness.

Asagao: When burning this smokeless incense you will receive a penetrating and soft floral fragrance that will carry away sadness and soothe the mood. It is ideal for renewal and confidence.

Morning Star Incense

Morning Star incense can help you every day, in fact, its properties are very varied and can help you create warm atmospheres to share with your loved ones, enhance creativity, connect better with yourself... Let's make a brief review to help you choose the best fragrance for you at every moment of the day.

Gardenia: Its delicious intense and sweet aroma helps you relax after a hard day's work. It is considered an aphrodisiac and will bring you harmony and pleasure.

Lavender: Light this incense before going to sleep to relieve tension and bring sweet dreams. In short, the lavender fragrance will bring you calm and rest.

Musk: It is a warm scent ideal to let go and brings confidence to the more timid. Open yourself to sensual and passionate enjoyment and drive away anxiety and melancholy with this incense.

Rose: By burning this incense you will receive a sense of peace and friendship, which will relieve tensions and purify our thoughts turning them into love and harmony.

Lotus: Symbolizing enlightenment, lotus incense has the property of evoking transformation and renewal.

Sandalwood: This aromatic wood can relax your body and calm your mind. It induces spirituality and recollection, which will push away obsessive thoughts. It will help you to introspection and serenity.

Myrrh: Its sweet and spicy notes make myrrh a regenerating fragrance. It can attenuate pains and sadness, evokes serenity and purification.

Amber: Enveloping and warm aroma ideal for burning in the evening when we need to release the stress of the day and relax. It calms us, generates good mood and reduces anxiety.

Vanilla: Warm and sweet aroma that revitalizes the body and stimulates the mind, while awakening joy.

Church incense: When you light it, you will feel its sweet and warm fragrance that will comfort the soul and bring mental clarity. It helps to repel negative energies and regain confidence.

Patchouli: Light it early in the morning to face the day with energy. Light it in the evening and it will be an aphrodisiac to sharpen the senses and increase creativity and inspiration.

Pine: This incense has the property of bringing serenity and clarifying the mind, giving a fresh air that will energize and stimulate our physical activity.

Green tea: Traditionally its subtle and delicate fragrance has been linked to antioxidant properties. Turn it on for work and it will bring tranquility and balance.

Sage: It has always been attributed with purifying virtues of body and mind. It is associated with healing and protection

Cedar: Its aroma helps us connect with the spiritual and increase vitality. It invokes concentration and reflection.

Jasmine: It is considered the scent of optimism and good humor. It reinforces self-confidence, awakens sensuality and fills us with energy.

Koh incense roll incense

Koh means incense. In Japan, it is traditional to find it packaged in rolls. Nippon Kodo manufactures them with superior quality raw materials, combining its precious artisan tradition with the most modern technologies. It lights a stick at one end and extinguishes the flame, allowing it to burn and release fragrances full of properties and virtues. Let's see the 12 different types of incense that you can find on our website:

Eiju Byakudan: Sandalwood that holds within it a generous and exquisite fragrance. Its warm and woody aroma is like a prayer that comforts and evokes comfort and relaxation.

Jinkoh Eiju: Powerful scent of agarwood (also known as aloe or jinkoh) with a slight spicy touch of patchouli and sandalwood. It will be a pleasant, mysterious and mystical scent that will not leave you indifferent.

Kyara Eiju: This fragrance of kyara (agarwood of the highest quality) generates serenity, recollection and awareness. It eliminates the impure and comforts the spirit.

Mainchiko Viva: Made with purifying sandalwood with a fresh pine note that transmits cleanliness and energy. It translates as "Incense for every day" and is one of the most popular in Japan.

Meiko Shibayama: This elegant scent holds within it a potent aroma of sandalwood and herbs blended with a floral cherry scent. It will bring vitality and sensuality.

Seiun Violet: Incense of cordial and cheerful sandalwood scent with a floral touch of gentle violet that will give your home just the right touch of elegance and cleanliness to express welcome and celebration.

Seiun classic: Balsamic and fresh scent of sandalwood, used to purify body and soul. Burn a stick of incense to give you a moment of freshness and well-being and it will give you serenity and peace.

Takasago Hana: Sandalwood incense with a fresh touch of pine that celebrates optimism and joy.

Tokusen Sagano: Burning this incense will give you an aroma of agarwood that has the property of calming and evoking tranquility and meditation.

Tokusen Sakura Usuzumi: Incense that hides a sensual scent of cherry blossom, sandalwood and Japanese cypress oil (hinoki) that generates a sense of calm and serenity.

Tokusen Shibayama: Agar fragrance enriched with cinnamon and tuberose. Its velvety aroma awakens joy and warmth.

Zuiun: It is made with agarwood sweetened with sandalwood and benzoin. It has a meditative aroma that creates an atmosphere of recollection and full consciousness.


If something is clear is that the world of incense is very diverse and deep. Each stick has properties that can help you in some or other moments. The important thing is to find the fragrance that best suits you at each moment of the day and what works best for your purposes. If you want to know more about what incense is for, do not hesitate to contact us. Remember that on the web you can find all these incenses and many more that can scent your environments and accompany you all your life.

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