Wind chimes or Furin

Relationship with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is becoming a regular on this blog, but this traditional art that seeks the harmony of people with their environment is crucial to find the welfare at home. If you are not yet following the principles of Feng Shui start applying this philosophy and see how your life improves and your well-being increases.

Wind chimes can be a first element to start with this art in your life, which can make a huge change in your life. Besides bringing you relaxation due to its sweet sound, it will also repel negative energies.

All energy is vibration, and sound is no exception, it consists of waves that are transmitted in the air and as a consequence emit a sound. So, what happens if we guide this vibration through an area with wind chimes? Well, the result we get is huge, it can be a magnet for good luck in Feng Shui and definitely increase the flow of energy in your home.


The word that best describes how these bells were traditionally conceived is "spirit-suppressing". Already in ancient times, these bells were hung in the corners of temples as long as their sound summoned favorable energy or Sheng Chi.

Japanese culture is very synaesthetic, which sometimes makes them say phrases like "Listen to the incense and hear the freshness" that at first glance seem a little strange but after some thought and change to the Zen mentality makes sense. And you, are you ready to hear the freshness of the wind chimes?

The magic of wind chimes

Our furin are made of cast iron handcrafted in Iwachu in Morioka, Japan, but a wind chime must also have a tansatsu, i.e. a paper weather vane. This piece hangs from the bell and dances with the wind as if it were a dance. A poem is usually written on the weathervane, but it is also very common to write a wish to be carried away by the wind.

These wishes must be consistent, once they are written on the weather vane they cannot be changed and it is not until the wind blows it away and makes it reach the place where they are fulfilled, or the weather vane breaks, you cannot put a new one and make another wish.

Materials to consider

In the Asian tradition it is considered that there are 5 elements that are representative of nature, these are fire, earth, water, metal and wood. These elements build different relationships with each other that will determine the composition of the object. Wind chimes are no exception to this general rule.

Most furin are made of wood or metal. Metal wind chimes have the energy of metal, which brings clarity, freshness and success. On the other hand, wooden bells bring health, vitality and new growth, as well as increasing wealth and gratitude. The material, along with the location of the bell, will determine the type of effect it will create in your space and how this energy will be channeled. Here's how to decide where to place your wind chime.

Where to place your bell?

A very recurrent doubt is where to place the wind chime. It is clear that our house is not an ancient temple where we can hang the furin in the corners, but these bells adapt to the environment. Whether you have a garden or not, there is an ideal place to hang them in your home and see how the qi energy is activated.

Previously we have published an entry in this blog where we talked specifically about where to place your wind chime, we leave here the link to the entry so you can know everything you need to know, but equally, then we are going to do a little brushstrokes of the most basic knowledge.

Feng Shui recommends hanging it above a door or in the west or northwest corner of your house, the entrance can easily activate the general circulation of energy. It can also be hung near a window or a door, and if you have a garden or terrace that can also be a good place to place your wind chime; it will neutralize annoying elements in the environment that influence negatively. It is said in Japan that when you hear the sound of a furin it means that nothing bad is going to happen.

Depending on where you hang the wind chime in your home, you will also be able to enhance one thing or another. By placing the metal wind chime in the west zone (where the sun sets) you can promote your children's creativity and attract good luck. If, on the other hand, you wish to favor movements in your life, the ideal location for your bell is the northwest zone. Finally, place the furin in the north zone if you are looking for opportunities and professional growth.

Even so, there are some tips you should follow regarding wind chimes. One of them is not to put it above the bed or some place where you relax, and also not in your place of concentration and work. The way you hang it is also very important. It is crucial not to hang it from a rope or a chain as this would create instability and imbalance. The ideal way to hang the furin is through a fixed hook on a branch, the ceiling or a beam.

Lastly, and although it may seem obvious, it is strongly recommended not to put a bell that you do not like. Your home is a sacred space and you have to love all the decorative elements for there to be harmony (remember that Feng Shui works especially this, harmony). So even if it has been recommended or given to you, you should keep it only if you like it and if it creates, in your opinion, harmony in your space.

We hope that this brief explanation about wind chimes has been useful and that you have learned something more about the magical Feng Shui. If you have decided to hang a furin in your home and you still have doubts, we recommend you to consult a Feng Shui specialist who will help you to choose and place a bell in the best way, which you can find in our wide assortment of bells.

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