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Campana de Viento Hiedra

Campana de Viento Hiedra

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Tuned to a captivating pentatonic scale, this wind chime showcases delicate silk-screened ivy branches on each tube. Ivy is an evergreen plant that grows in both luxurious environments and inhospitable places. The many curves it makes as it grows and its sturdiness are a representation of ever-changing yet enduring relationships. Its branches that intertwine countless times are associated with love and fidelity.

We wish that the melody of this chime brings you vitality and inspiration. Place it in the garden: it will blend in with the surrounding vegetation. Place it inside the house: it will provide the green touch of nature we all long for. This wind chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.

Características técnicas: 
Altura total de 61 cm, 5 tubos de aluminio verde satinado serigrafiado, madera de fresno con acabado teca. La veleta es extraíble para que puedas personalizar tu campana de viento si así lo deseas.