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Turquoise Chime - Small

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The charming sound of the Turquoise Chime has been achieved using the Golden Ratio in the design of the tubes. This ratio the ancient Greeks already applied, can be found throughout nature, being synonymous of beauty, harmony and a certain mysticism. Moreover the architectural design of this chime has been inspired by the Arts & Crafts artistic movement. 

Turquoise has always been admired for its genuine beauty and shiny colour coming from a mixture of green and blue, symbolising respectively growth and communication. Turquoise is obtained through a natural process that lasts millions of years. In many Native American languages, it is known as the sky-stone. Moved by such a great symbolism, we created this amazing chime with faux turquoise clapper and wind catcher. 

This wind chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.

Listen to its sound: 
Technical specifications: 
53 cm overall length, 4 bronze square aluminium tubes, faux turquoise clapper and windcatcher, cherry finish ash wood