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Campana de Viento Mindfulness - Mediana

Mindfulness Chime - Medium

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The Mindfulness Chime is tuned to a soothing scale and it features a delicate lotus flower on the wooden vane.

Mindfulness refers to a practice inspired by Buddhist meditation. It’s often recommended to reduce stress and to improve physical, mental and emotional health: being aware of our thoughts and feelings is a major step on the way of inner transformation. With its relaxing sound, this chime is an invitation to pay attention to our environment and to live the present moment, keeping our mind quiet and concentrated. This way we can find creative solutions to problems that seemed to be unsurmountable.

According to Tibetan Buddhism, the lotus flower represents the purity of body and soul. From a metaphorical point of view, the muddy waters where the lotus grows symbolise attachment and carnal desires and its immaculate flower the promise of salvation. The legend tells that, when Buddha was born, he started to walk and at each step a lotus flower appeared on the ground.

Did you know?
The sacred lotus is associated with longevity: seeds found in the Liaoning Chinese province germinated after remaining dormant for more than 1.300 years!

This wind chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.

Listen to its sound: 
Technical specifications: 
70 cm overall length, 8 silver aluminium tubes, teak finish ash wood, removable windcatcher for easy costumization