Campana Feng Shui Furin Iwachu Rosa 4,5 cm

Iwachu Furin Feng Shui Bell - Pink 4,5 cm

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This handcrafted cast iron bell is manufactured by Iwachu in Morioka, Japan. They are traditionally hanged on the corners of temples and houses to ward off negative energy and bring good vibration by activating the universal energy qi. 
Its refreshing sound relieves Japanese people on hot summer days. A wish is often written on the wind catcher to be blown by the wind until it is fulfilled. 
The geometric drawing of this bell makes it very versatile: you can place it at home close to a door or a window or outside on the terrace or in the garden. Rose is the colour of sensitivity, innocence and altruistic love ; its depth brings calm and protection. 

New paper wind catchers are available as a replacement.

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4,5 cm Ø, painted cast iron and paper vane, 47 cm total length