Encore Chimes of Venus - Bronze

Encore Chimes of Venus - Bronze

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The name of this chime is a tribute to the second planet from the sun in our solar system. It's easy to observe Venus at sunrise or at sunset when its surface is brighter; that's why it's also called Morning Star or Evening Star. It is considered the sister planet of the Earth because of their similar size and weight. Finally Venus is also the Roman goddess of love and beauty. 

Did you know that Venus is the only planet in our solar system to rotate on its axis in a clockwise direction? All the other planets including the Earth rotate in an anti-clockwise direction. Scientists still haven't found the reason of this Venusian mystery that causes the sun to rise west and to set east. Weird, isn't it?

This handcrafted wind chime is tuned to a pentatonic universal scale. Designed to get the purest sound, it will play in concert with the wind to create a random symphony. The Chimes of Venus is the one with the deepest sound of all Encore planet chimes.

This wind chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee. 

Listen to its sound: 
Technical specifications: 
147 cm overall length, 5 bronze aluminium tubes, bubinga finish wood. Removable windcatcher for easy customisation.