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Campana de Viento Mercurio - Plateado Azul

Encore Chimes of Mercury - Blue Wash

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This chime is named for the planet closest to the sun in our solar system. Mercury has a solid and rocky surface and its orbital period is only 88 days. It is easier to observe this small planet at dawn or at dusk, because of the dazzle of the sun.

Did you known that according to Roman mythology, Mercury was both the messenger of the gods and the god of abundance and commercial success? For sure this was also a great source of inspiration to create this lovely chime.

This handcrafted wind chime is tuned to a pentatonic universal scale. Designed to get the purest sound, it will play in concert with the wind to create a random symphony. Different colours are available so that you can choose the one that suits best to your place. 

This wind chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.  

Listen to its sound: 
Technical specifications: 
35 cm overall length, 5 silver aluminium tubes, blue wash finish wood.