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Encore Chimes of Earth - Silver

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The name of this chime is a tribute to our planet, the third one in the solar system. Also called the blue planet, it is said to be 4.550 million years old and about 70% of its surface is currently covered by water. 

Did you know that since 1970, the international Earth Day is celebrated around the world on the 22nd of April? The aim is to honor Mother Earth who feeds us and to develop the environmental consciousness worldwide.

This handcrafted wind chime is tuned to a pentatonic universal scale. Designed to get the purest sound, it will play in concert with the wind to create a random symphony. Different colours are available so that you can choose the one that suits best to your place.

This wind chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.  

Listen to its sound: 
Technical specifications: 
94 cm overall length, 6 silver aluminium tubes, bubinga finish wood. Removable windcatcher for easy customisation.