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Shakyamuni Buddha Prayer Flags

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Called lung ta, literally « wind horses », these prayer flags are placed not only in the temples and houses in Tibet and Nepal but also in the mountains, on the trees and any other sacred place. They will get frayed little by little with the wind and rain. That is the reason why they represent the fragility and impermanence of human life and of every single thing that is. Prayer flags are meant to bring benefit to all. The wind will take the prayers wherever they are needed. 

Shakyamuni Buddha corresponds to the historical Buddha, a wise man sage from India whose teachings are the foundation of Buddhism. Born in 563 BC as a prince, he decided to renounce wealth and pleasures at the age of 29 to live an ascetic life. At the age of 35, he attained enlightenment seated under a Bodhi tree. He spent the rest of his life teaching the middle path.

He is represented on a lotus flower as a symbol of his divine birth. His elongated ears lobes remind us that he renounced material life. The protrusion on top of his head is a symbol of the union between body and mind, between earth and heaven.

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Approx. 250 cm overall length, 10 yellow flags, 20 x 20 cm flag