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Sardonix Mala

Sardonix Mala

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Sardonyx is a stone of protection and strength that has been used since ancient times. This type of chalcedony comes in a wide range of colours, from black, white, brown and red. The red sardonyx is meant to have stimulating properties and to relieve sadness. It´s also said to bring happiness and good fortune.

How to use your mala?
The word “mala” means in Sanskrit garland of roses. It was originated in India; from Buddhism and Hinduism, it was passed on to Islam and from Islam to Christianity in times of the Crusades. The malas or rosaries are used to count devotional words when meditating with mantras. Repeating the same syllables over and over again, you will generate specific vibrations. Place the mala on one hand and take a bead between the thumb and the forefinger. For each mantra you recite, rotate the mala and pass to the next bead. It is an effective way to stay in the present moment and to achieve peace of mind and inner silence.

The full rosary usually has 108 beads, as a symbol of the 108 human passions. You can also have 27 beads or any other number usually multiple of 3. Malas can be worn as personal accessories or jewels: they will define our personality and spirit. According to all traditions, they have sort of a magical and protective aura.

Technical specifications: 
108 beads of 7 mm. Matte orange sardonix agate and quartz.