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Banderas de Oración Divinidades 14 x 17 cm

Tibetan Prayer Flags - Deities 14 x 17 cm

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Called lung ta, literally « wind horses », these prayer flags are placed not only in the temples and houses in Tibet and Nepal but also in the mountains, on the trees and any other sacred place. They will get frayed little by little with the wind and rain. That is the reason why they represent the fragility and impermanence of human life and of every single thing that is. They feature five colours that symbolise the five elements, the five families of Bouddhas and the five directions: blue (Space), white (Water), red (Fire), green (Air) and yellow (Earth).

Prayer flags are meant to bring benefit to all. The wind will take the prayers wherever they are needed. 

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10 flags, about 14 x 17 cm.