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Pulsera-mala Palo Santo

Palo Santo Wrist Mala

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Palo santo - Protection

Palo santo wood has a sweet and intense aroma with citric notes. The Bursera graveolens tree it is extracted from grows in South America, especially on the Pacific coast. Native Americans venerate it for its mystical capacity to bring positive energies and to allow a deep spiritual connection.

Did you know?
The word “mala” in Sanskrit means garland of roses and it was originated in India. From Buddhism and Hinduism, it passed to Islam and from Islam it was passed on to Christianity in times of the Crusades. The malas or rosaries are used to count the devotional words or recitations in meditation with mantras. This consists of repeating words to generate vibrations. It is placed on one hand and a bead is taken. Each time it is recited, the mala rotates and passes to the next bead. It is an effective way to stay in the present and to appease the mind, achieving peace and silence.

Malas can also be worn as personal accessories or jewels. They define our personality and spirit. According to all traditions, they have sort of a magical and protective aura. The complete rosary usually has 108 beads, symbol of the 108 human passions. You can also have 24 beads or any other number usually multiple of 3.

Technical specifications: 
24 beads of ± 8 mm Ø, palo santo wood.