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Colgante Om Flor con Mantra

Om Flower Pendant with Mantra

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Choose meaningful jewelry! According to Tibetan Buddhism, the lotus flower represents the purity of body and soul. From a metaphorical point of view, the muddy waters where the lotus grows symbolise attachment and carnal desires and its immaculate flower the promise of salvation. The legend tells that when Buddha was born, he started to walk and at each step a lotus flower appeared on the ground. Moreover the sacred lotus is associated with longevity: seeds found in the Liaoning Chinese province germinated after remaining dormant for more than 1.300 years!

The sacred syllable Om - written in Sanskrit in that case - appears in the centre of the lotus flower. It's the original mantra, the symbol of the unity with the divine, the union between physical and spiritual realms, the sound out of which come all the other sounds. Reciting the mantra Om is said to purify us physically, mentally and emotionally. It's meant to activate the pineal gland, the one that secretes melatonin, also known as the time-keeping hormone.

The mantra Om Mani Padme Hum is engraved on the petals of the lotus flower. Literally « Om jewel in the lotus Hum », it's the mantra of Chenrezig, the Buddha of compassion. Reciting it allows us to connect with the path to enlightenment.

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40 mm Ø, metal, with adjustable lace