Om Bracelet with Turquoise

Om Bracelet with Turquoise

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On one hand, the sacred syllable Om - written in Sanskrit in that case - is the original mantra, the symbol of the unity with the divine, the union between physical and spiritual realms, the sound out of which come all the other sounds. Reciting the mantra Om is said to purify us physically, mentally and emotionally. It's meant to activate the pineal gland, the one that secretes melatonin, also known as the time-keeping hormone. On the other hand, Tibetan people say that turquoise brings good luck and health.

In Tibet, metal bracelets are considered as healing jewels. They are meant to have specific properties such as the activation of blood pressure and the absorption of minerals; their electromagnetic effect relieves pain.

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42 mm wide, nickel silver and reconstructed turquoise