Small Universal Buddhist Flag

Large Universal Buddhist Flag

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The Buddhist flag is a symbol of faith and
peace. It was designed in 1885 in Sri Lanka
by the Colombo Committee and Henry
Olcott, the first president of the Theosophical
Society. It has been now adopted by all
Buddhist communities, sometimes with tiny

The five colours are the ones of the aura that
emanated from the body of the Buddha when
he attained enlightenment.
• Blue is the colour of loving kindness
and universal compassion
• Yellow is the one of the Middle Path
and balance
• Red symbolises the blessings of practice
• White is the colour of the purity
of Dharma that leads to liberation
• Orange or brown represents the wisdom
of the Buddha’s teachings.

The sixth stripe is a vertical combination
of all the colours: it symbolises the essence
of light and the truth of Dharma.

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