Endless Knot Bracelet with Mantra

Endless Knot Bracelet with Mantra

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On one hand, the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum literally means « Om jewel in the lotus Hum ». It's the mantra of Chenrezig, the Buddha of compassion whose benevolent expression protects us. Filigree is the decoration of final realization.
On the other hand, the endless knot represents pure love, eternal health, unlimited success and good fortune. It's the knot with no beginning and no end. It symbolises Buddha’s endless wisdom and also the interconnection of all beings with time and change.

In Tibet, metal bracelets are considered as healing jewels. They are meant to have specific properties such as the activation of blood pressure and the absorption of minerals; their electromagnetic effect relieves pain.

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Max. 35 mm wide, nickel silver and reconstructed turquoise