Eight Auspicious Symbols Bracelet

Eight Auspicious Symbols Bracelet

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The eight auspicious symbols for Tibetan people are engraved on this adjustable bracelet:

1. The treasure vase that contains the water of immortality,
2. The precious umbrella that protects ourselves from evil,
3. The golden fish: related to happiness, they symbolise the beings who were saved from the ocean of suffering,
4. The lotus flower, symbol of the original purity and a promise of salvation,
5. The right-coiled white conch which represents the music of Dharma that can be heard in all directions,
6. The endless knot, symbol of the interconnection of all things with time and change,
7. The banner of victory over negativity and ignorance,
8. The Dharma wheel, symbol of the Noble Eightfold Path that leads to enlightenment.

In Tibet, metal bracelets are considered as healing jewels. They are meant to have specific properties such as the activation of blood pressure and the absorption of minerals; their electromagnetic effect relieves pain. The combination of three metals is said to enhance their power. The metals commonly used are copper, brass and nickel silver or aluminium.

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10 mm wide, plated nickel silver