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Pulsera Shambala 7 Chakras

7 Chakra Shambala Bracelet

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Shambala 7 Chakras – Balance

Each stone of this bracelet corresponds to one of the 7 chakras. Chakras - wheels in Sanskrit - represent energy centers, which role is to condense, distribute and transform vital energy throughout the human body. Each chakra has its own properties and healing power. Western scientists have recently discovered that they correspond to the 7 main nerve ganglia on the spinal column.

7º - Violet - Crown - Spirituality, self-knowledge
6º - Indigo - Third eye - Perception, intuition
5º - Blue - Throat - Expression, sounds
4º - Green - Heart - Love, compassion
3º - Yellow - Solar plexus - Power, growth
2º - Orange - Sacral - Sexuality, creativity
1º - Red - Root - Physical needs, identity

In Sanskrit, Shambala (also Shambhala) means "the place of peaceful happiness", a mysterious realm described in Buddhist scriptures. Although it is part of the Earth, this pure land cannot be located on any map.

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±10 mm Ø, different gemstones.